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Online Photo ID Card

This project is a generic web based application under open source platform for production of ID cards to various government departments. This system has three phases as given below :

Registration :

A web based interface to authenticate the Goverment departments/Undertakings/Organizations to utilize the services of ELCOT's centralized ID card printing. The registration of the users will be authenticated by ELCOT and only on authentication the users will be permitted to log in and use the facility. Based on ELCOT approval an auto mailer should be sent to the registered users.

Data Entry :

The input format to enter the details of the ID card with an option to add the records for input the card details has been developed. The standard fields available for the data entry has been populated in the input entry form. If any particular user want to add fields pertaining to his organisation an option has been provided. Photo should be attached and printed.

Printing :

This module should prepare a report in a card format based on the entries made from the data entry module with an option to select the layout and the size of the card from the ISO Standard templates. Option has been provided so that the user can carry out minor adjustments in the placement and sizing of the fields based on the user preference. On completion of this PDF report generation option for entering the number of copies will be asked for. The JASPER report has been used for the printout generation in .pdf format. Before generating the actual report, a template of the report in a html will be popped up with the dimensions of the text basis and the size of the card to be printed. Option has been given to the user to vary the size and for a preview before submitting or approval for the final submission for the printout .pdf generation.