Work Flow Management System - Labour Department, Govt. of Tamilnadu

The project was focussed on the design and development of the various modules required for the computerisation of the Labour Department.

The system architecture and its various modules developed are given below :


This section deals with

  • Tamilnadu Shops & Establishment Act
  • Tamilnadu Catering Establishment Act
  • The Payment of Wages Act
  • Daily Situation report of strikes and lockouts etc.,

Budget & Pay bill, Establishment


This section deals with

  • Details of Important Settlements
  • Register for Section 33C(1)
  • Register for 10A Arbitration
  • Register for Prosecution
  • Register for Writ Petition
  • Register for 12(4)
  • Register for 12(3)
  • CM Cell Petitions


This section deals with

  • Exemptions Granted
  • Amendments to Various Laws


This section deals with

  • Stationary Details
  • Furniture Details
  • Books and Publications Details


This section deals with

  • Employment Name & Minimum Wages Initially Fixed Entry.
  • Employment Name & Revised Minimum Wages Entry.


This section deals with

  • Stamp Account Maintenance (Ordinary Type,Registered Parcel, Registered Post & Subordinate Type)
  • Attendance
  • Late Attendance for Office Assistants
  • Consolidated Attendance for the Entire Labour Department.
  • Late Attendance for Office Staffs
  • Pending Files


This section deals with

  • Calculation of Super Annuation Pension
  • Calculation of Pension
  • Calculation of Death cum Retirement Gratuity
  • Calculation of Commutation Value of Pension
  • Calculation of Family Pension


This section deals with

  • Revenue as Compounding Fees
  • Registration Fees
  • License Fees
  • Stamping Fees for Different Region, District and Area.

Library Section

This section deals with

  • Maintaining all the Book Details.
  • Issuing of Books to the Employees.
  • Collection of the Books Returned by the Employees.