ERP Project

Electoral Roll Processing - Electronics Corporation Of Tamilnadu Ltd

Lastech recently completed a re-engineering assignment for Electronics Corporation of Tamilnadu (ELCOT)

Re-engineering for ELCOT

Electronics Corporation of Tamilnadu(ELCOT), Tamilnadu State Government undertaking, is a leading IT service provider to the state government departments.

ELCOT maintains the bilingual database of 55 Million voters of the Tamilnadu state. The system collects data from various districts, validates the quality of the data, aggregates it, and then prepares reports to suit the various Election department's needs.

In 1998, ELCOT was interested in re-engineering the DOS-based legacy system to Windows-based open system to take advantage of advances in technology. The new system also included the facility for publishing the voter's list on the web. Working with ELCOT, Lastech designed, developed, and implemented a new data management system. Lastech has developed modules for converting the data from Windows ANSI format to ISCII and vice versa.A module has been developed to convert the Tamil names to english by using online dictionary and Transliteration features. For this, an online dictionary of 2.1 million names in Tamil and English has been created.

Detailed design, construction and testing of the system was performed with concurrent on-site coordination and integration testing.

The new system has improved overall productivity and provided faster results.