Forest Department Computerisation Project


The objective of the system is to enable the staff in the Range, Division, Circle offices and State Head quarters of Tamil Nadu Forest. Department to access the information and colloborate at various levels in Budget, estimation, preparation of management plan, working plan, proposals, expenditure statement, revenue statement, progress statement, costing, tendering and other Miscellaneous activities.


The Systems in the Range offices are used for the range level operations. These Systems are connected to the division level servers which are used to connected to the circle level servers. The Systems at the division offices can also be used for the range level operations. Access level depends on the hierarchy.


The software has the provision to create various layers of information mosaics at Range, Division, Circle and State level for all Forest areas, with networking system for online / offline updating and retrieval of data.

The Software has an option to prepare weekly / monthly / quarterly / half yearly / annual progress reports of various activities as required for making policy decision on resource management issues.

The system has 5 modules :

  • Personnel Management Information System
  • Court Cases Management System
  • Budget & Accounting
  • Protection
  • Miscellaneous

Personnel Management Information System

This module has provision to Create, update and maintain various information profiles of the officers, staffs and temporary staffs. Details include Personnel, Recruitment, Education, Salary, loan, Property particulars, Nominee particulars, training particulars, leave particulars, surrender particulars, promotion particulars, transfer particulars, Disciplinary cases if any and punishment particulars.

This module can extract various reports -

  • Status reports Designation wise, seniority wise, community wise, Section wise, etc.
  • Bio data for all or individual.
  • Retirement Details from current month till up to 3 subsequent years.
  • List of post up gradation and redeployment.
  • Pending list of Promotions, service regularization, probation declaration, increments, Special grade & Selection grade declaration etc.
  • List of cases pending category wise (suspension, appeal, charge sheet and revised petition)
  • List of disciplinary cases pending with office rule wise.
  • Pending list of retirement benefits and pension benefits.
  • List of temporary continuance staff (post wise, HOA wise, plan/non plan, Division wise and vacant post etc)

Court Cases Management

This module has provision to Create, update and maintain various information related to Appeals/cases filed, Litigant details, Cases adjourned, Judgments given, actions taken by the department, cases pending, cases won/lost etc, in Supreme Court, High Court, Labour Court and Consumer Court for the department under various subjects.

This module can extract up-to-date information of the pending cases, cases attended and cases to be attended for any period, history of any case etc.

Budget and Accounting

Drafting Working Plan & Management Plan :

Preparation of drafting working plan to arrive at the type of scheme to be implemented in the individual reserve forest, preparation of proposals as per the specification and practice to implement the scheme, Preparation of progress reports during implementation of the scheme.

The software has provision to enter details like, nature of treatment made on the individual reserve forest area, type of treatment, changes monitored over a period of time and results of the treatment through which new plans could be arrived to maintain habitat integrity for the conservation of flora & fauna.

Preparation of Budget Estimate, Revised Estimate, Distribution of the Estimate & Progressive Statement for Expenditure :

Preparation of Budget Estimate as per the specifications and practice of the above department under various Head of Account like Construction of Buildings, Community wasteland development scheme, Rural fuel wood plantation scheme, Teakwood plantation scheme, Soil conservation projects and Tribal welfare scheme. The software has the provision to enter various data required under various headings like Budget, Estimation, Preparation of RE (Revised Estimate) & FMA (Final modified appropriation) Fund surrender statement, Progressive statement of various scheme, Distribution of RE / BE / FMA, Surrender statement, Variation statement, Letter of Credit statement, Range Account statement and plan progress statement.

Preparation of Progressive Statement of Revenue :

Preparation of Progress statement as per the specifications and practice of the above department under various Head of Account like Forestry & Wildlife, Sale of timber & other forest produce.

The software has provision to enter data like quantity produced, received, disposed, available balance of various Depots of Forest produce such as Timber, fuel wood, charcoal, Bamboos, and other minor, confiscated forest produce. The Package has provision to extract reports

  • Control Return Statement - Scheme prescribed and actually done on any forest area.
  • Deviation statement - Scheme prescribed and any deviation carried out and justification for the deviation.
  • Financial Statement - Working circle wise Working Plan Forecast for the year with cost of the scheme.
  • Benefit statement - cost benefit ratio of the implemented scheme.
  • Various agencies, other department involved in implementing the scheme.
  • Abstract and expenditure statement of various TAP Range.


Preparation of various layers of information profile for Protection Dept :

The software has provision to enter various details required under various headings like sandalwood offence cases, wildlife offence cases, Lease of forest land, Forest Protection Squad, Forest settlement cases under various sections, Forest conservation Act - (1 to 5), Execution of Building and Roadwork, Collection of sales tax, Release of Vehicles in offence involved, Cutting of tress in patta lands Encroachment and land dispute cases, Sale of minor Forest produce, Sale of pulpwood plantation, Timber lease cases, Sandalwood & Timber transit rules, various check measurements etc. The software has provision to extract reports as per their requirements.


Bioprofile of Forest area :

The software has provision to create various layers of information mosaics for all Forest areas, covering parameters like production areas, grazing incidence, fire protection, distribution of rare and endangered species, cross indexing of local flora & fauna, Biodiversity profile and stock map etc. The software has the provision to generate reports to identify the principal indicators and pickup areas for conservation and development.

Vehicles, Stores, Library and Social Forest Scheme :

  • The software has provision to enter various details required for effective management of vehicle such as consumption of fuel, repair expenditure etc. Confiscation and sale of vehicles.
  • Provision to maintain stores detail (excluding furniture).
  • Provision to maintain details of Social Forestry Schemes such as Plantations raised by SF wings and sale of plantations made every year, annual returns and success of various plantations raised at forest area under various social forestry scheme.
  • Provision of Arms & Ammunitions details, library details and telephone details. The software has the provision to extract reports as per their requirements.

Research- Preparation of Analytical report :

The software has provision to enter various results obtained, observations made from the experiments made in various centers, nurseries, seed orchards, colonel banks, colonel multiplication gardens and to prepare various block design for raising seed orchards. The software has provision to extract annual research reports, trainings provided, and activity extensions.