Enterprise Management System - Tamilnadu Salt Corporation (TNSC)

Integrated Accounting, Inventory, Payroll, Marketing & Production Management System The TNSC is having Corporate Office at Chennai and a Projects office at Valinokkam.

The Corporate Office functions includes Marketing, Sales(including Payment Collections), Purchase(including Payments to suppliers/Transporters). TNSC also has districtwise Sales Officers.

The Projects office is involved in the production of Salt. The Projects office is involved in the production of Salt. It Produces 3 types of salt.

  • This is supplied to clients like SPIC, Tuticorin Alkaline chemicals.
  • This salt is supplied to the Family card holders under PDS scheme through various societies.
  • This salt is supplied to the Noon meal centres through the Civil Supplies Corporation.

TNSC MVSC Office is having a staff strength of 45. It also has 1200 Casual labourers (Non-Muster Roll). It also engages Contractors for various works such as heap Removal, Cleaning, Packing. It also engages Transporters for the product delivery to its clients.

The system has 5 modules Accounting, Production, Inventory, Marketing & Payroll system. All these modules are tightly integrated so that the transaction made in one module is automatically updated in other modules. For example, for the indent transaction (material issue) in the stores, the corresponding accounting ledgers are automatically updated. The system has 2 servers (one each in CO & MVSC). Each department (Accounting, Marketing etc) has a workstation (client). The 2 servers (CO & MVSC) are synchronized using a network communication (Leased line, Dial-up or Internet) so that the information pertaining to the transactions in the CO are automatically updated in the Projects Office & vice versa.