Computerisation of Tamil Nadu Text Book Corporation Financial Accouting, Payroll & Stock Management

System Overview :

This project is a Web based Application Software which caters the end to end requirement of Text Book Corporation . The Application Software developed in J2EE environment with PostgreSQL as database. The Application software is hosted at ELCOT . The Head office and 21 Regional offices access the web based software. At any point of time the stock details can be viewed by the Head Office. The Financial Accounting & Payroll is a Web based Application integrated with the Text book and Notebook modules so that the transaction made in One module is updated in the another module.

Process :

  • Tender processing for Paper/Printer/Transporter : Tender document preparation by entering the eligibility criteria. The participated bidder details with checklist against eligibility are entered. Tender evaluation, Price bid evaluation and Purchase Order release are being done.
  • The awarded bidder will supply the papers to Adyar godown and stock will be updated.
  • The Printer will collect the paper from godown and will print and deliver the book. The books will be received at godowns normally and at sometimes will be delivered to any of the 21 RO's based on the HO instruction.
  • HO will issue instruction to the godown, the quantity of books and the delivery place. Delivery will be effected by the Transporter.

Features :

The system automatically calculates the paper/kraft to be ordered from the textbook /notebook requirements.

Modules :

The system involves the following modules.

1. Text Book/Note Book Module :

  • Requirements : District wise Textbook/Notebook requirements (Standard/Medium/Subject wise) will be entered by R.O. The sytem consolidates and generates the overall requirements.
  • Tender Process : Bidder Details (Technical & Price) can be entered and the system generates successful bidders price list. The system supports the tender process for Paper suppliers, Printers & Transporters.
  • Stock Management : The system manages the paper & book transactions from the suppliers/printers as well as the book delivery to the stockists/AEO/DEO.

2. FA Module :

This module manages all the financial transactions : Sales, Receipt, Purchase, Payment, Journal. It supports all the standard reports (Ledger A/c, Day Book, Cash Book, TB, P/L A/c, Balance sheet). FA system is based on double-entry method and supports generation of MIS reports

3.HR & Paybill Module

4. Retails Sales :

The Retail Sales Point software caters to stock Inward, Sales and remittance details are dealt. This application is operated at Head Office and Adyar Godown Offices.

Data Migration :

TNTBC was earlier using a DOS based Application for Textbook and Notebook modules. The Data migration software was also developed for porting the data into Web based Application. The Retail Sales Point software caters to stock Inward, Sales and remittance details are dealt. This application is operated at Head Office and Adyar Godown Offices.

Technology :

  • Red Hat Linux Web Server
  • 3-tier
  • Jboss
  • Postgres
  • Java - Servlets/JSP/EJB
  • HTML/Javascript
  • Firefox/IE

Benefits :

Benefits to TNTBC : The system eliminates the movement of physical records between the HO, godown and R.O. Instant access to the Godown & R.O. stock & other details increases the performance and better planning.

Benefits to Vendors : The system helps in the quicker processing of bills.

Benefits to Clients(Schools) :The system supports the timely delivery of books to the schools.