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    Innovative solutions to empower your business process that leads to enhanced profitability and business growth
    Provides effective techniques for Marketing, the first customer facing process
    Provides the most effective and relevant methods of marketing that yields maximum penetration at minimal cost
    Continuous improvement in Marketing Process and lead-to-order ratio
    Enables you to adopt a sound process to manage the sales lifecycle and achieve the set business objectives

    Lead Management - Close More Deals
  • Your pipeline is your strength. Complete sales process visibility allows you to recognize the leads which have the highest potential to close. This is an important asset for every business
    Opportunity Management - Never Lose an Opportunity
  • Alerts the sales staff the opportunity to schedule appointments and tasks eliminating the missed or lost opportunities. Leads can be captured via telephone, mail, email or directed to the right contact
    Contact Management
  • Methods : Bulk (Mass) Mail/Email/SMS
    Prospects/Customers Grouping by Business Segment, Product, Sales Frequency, Salesman, Lead Type, Lead Source, Location etc.
    Personalized Mass Mailers
    Activity Management
  • Activity management (Phone calls, Meetings/Demos, Emails, Faxes and To Dos) helps the sales force to consistently manage the Leads and Prospects through their lifecycle.
    Forecasting Management
  • Manages data collected by your sales people as leads. Each lead is assigned a probability factor and the factor is used in forecasting your quarterly sales. As you move leads through the process, your pipeline defines opportunities with the most potential, which are then assigned to your sales staff
  • Decision Support Analytics
    Provides techniques like Forecasting, Sales Funnel, Performance analysis to analyze and manage the business process proactively

  • Pinpoint Sales Process Inefficiencies
    Enables you to eliminate inefficiencies, thus reducing sales cycles, saving time and money

  • Recognize Market Trends
    Current and historical customer data can be immediately accessed to spot changes in customer behavior or shifts in market indicators


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